Biodiversity Management &
Climate Change Adaptation

This project has been completed and is no longer actively supported. Information and resources on the site were current as of 2016 and are archived here for reference purposes.


About The Project

Our goal is to develop essential knowledge and tools to support the management
of Alberta's biodiversity in a changing climate.

Our Core Funder

The Biodiversity Management and Climate Change Adaptation Project was made possible
through the support of the Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA).

Emissions Reduction Alberta

Our Collaborators & Funders

Without the expertise and enthusiasm of our project team members from these collaborating organizations, this work would not be possible.
Thank you!

University of Alberta
Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions
Alverta Innovates Technology Futures
Alverta Innovates Technology Futures
Boreal Avian Modelling Project
Alberta conservation Association
ABMI Message

The Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute conducts world-class monitoring of more than 2500 species and habitats in Alberta. The ABMI leads projects like this one to demonstrate the application of ABMI’s data and expertise to critical environmental planning and management questions.